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Knocky: Alpha Build is live!

2013-11-28 13:01:49 by BombFiglio

Hey all. Happy Thanksgiving and everything. I know I'm relatively unknown here on Newgrounds, but hopefully we could be friends.

My team and I just released a game called Knocky for iOS devices that just got reviewed and is live within the day! It's a stylized re-imagining of the board game Nok Hockey, but with additional content such as online competition, head-to-head, and achievements. It's also free!

Knocky is currently in the Alpha phase, and we plan on keeping it updated until it's the best competitive game ever. There are some minor things still needed to get fixed, but we wanted to test out the networking. If you have an iOS device, try it out and tell us what you think! Critiques, suggestions, and comments are welcome.

Or don't. I'm not the boss of you.

Knocky on iTunes

Have a nice Thanksgivinghead Day. Apparently the average calorie intake on Thanksgiving Day is 4000 calories. Stay healthy.

Knocky: Alpha Build is live!


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